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FAQs and some more helpful stuff

We’re here to help.

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions and guidance on how best to use chicBuds products.


How do I charge my chicBoom or Fauvette Speaker?

Connect the speaker to a computer using the mini USB cord. Allow the speaker to charge for at least 2 hours.

How long does one charge last?

One charge lasts up to four hours.

How do use my retractable earbuds?

Please review out Guide To Using Retractable Earbuds.

What do I do if my speaker stops working and charging it doesn’t help?

All chicBuds products have a six month guarantee, valid with proof of purchase. Learn more and request a replacement here.

Where can I buy chicBuds?

You can purchase directly from or from an array of fine retailers.

I’m interested in carrying chicBuds products in my store. Where can I get information?

Contact us at

“How To” Guides & Manuals

Some Helpful Videos

RockBoom Keychain Speaker Ball Demo